First time denim participation in Texworld USA –July’09

Texworld (owned by Messe Frankfurt) is one of the best fair for Textile Industry worldwide. It is being held in various countries (mostly bi-annually).

Though there has been great participation by Denim Mills in Texworld Paris , Texworld USA saw the first participation by Denim Mills in the fair held on 14-16 July at New York.


Some highlights related to Denim in Texworld USA":

  1.  Jeanologia – A Spanish Research & Development company , introduced the G2 Washing Machine for Denim Garments. This machine intends to lessen the environmental impact of producing denim garments.
  2. Rather than relying on the traditional combination of water and chemicals to produce various shades of denim, the G2 uses a process that relies on air. In addition to eliminating the use of water and chemicals, the G2 rids the finishing process of toxic emissions and dumping, and reduces overall energy usage. Jeanologia is also a poineer in producing a Textile laser product under brandname – GFK. This machine seems to  easily duplicate the most complicated distressing on any jean and produce an identical pair in minutes.. 
    I hope that environmentally machines like these become popular as future belongs to these machines. The  environmental degradation caused by Jeans production is not sustainable and is bound to be checked by Govt. rules and laws in the coming years.

  3. About 9 Denim Mills particpated in the show : Black Peony Ltd. (China); Fabrix Plus Co., Ltd. (Taiwan); Firemount Textiles Ltd. (Mauritius); Nantong Aufa Textiles Co., Ltd. (China); Prosperity Textile Ltd. (China); RS Denim Ltd. (Mauritius); S.M. Denim Mills (Pakistan); Soorty Enterprises (Pakistan); Xingtai Blue Diamond Dyeing & Weaving Co., Ltd. (China); and Zibo Lanyan Group (China).

Here are some reviews by the textile mills on the show and on general market conditions.

Since this has been the first inclusion of Denim in the Texworld USA, there is not much to write home about. However, since USA consumes about 35% of world denim , there is no reason that that Denim participation would not increase in this fair .

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