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Cotton Inc regularly comes out with lifestyle monitor surveys across various countries around the world. In this survey in Turkey(2012) , they come out with interesting facts on denim purchase by Turkish customers. Turkey is already a large denim producing country with both fabric and garment production. Famous denim brands from the country include Mavi, LTB, Cross etc and world  famous fabric producing mills like Orta, Isko etc have their base in Turkey. So how does the consumers in Turkey buy denim … Lets have a look at the highlights from the report.

  • The Global Lifestyle Monitor survey found that Turkish consumers shop more often for clothes than their European counterparts and agree about the value of durable apparel and good prices.
  • 65% of  Turkish shoppers say they love or enjoy wearing denim.
  • Younger consumers are more likely than older consumers to say they love or enjoy wearing denim (76% versus 49%).
  • Turkish consumers own an average of eight denim garments,  five of which are denim jeans. When compared to the U.S. and Europe, denim ownership is lower among consumers in Turkey.
  • However,  younger Turkish consumers’ denim ownership is more in line with their European counterparts, as they own more denim garments (10 versus 7) and jeans (6 versus 4) than older Turks.
  • Overall, Turkish consumers’ denim wardrobes are less fragmented than the denim wardrobes of consumers in the U.S. and Europe; two-thirds of Turkish consumers’ denim wardrobes are dedicated to jeans, compared to 45% in the U.S. and 43% in Europe.

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The Turkish consumers reduced their purchase from unorganized retail – as happens in most economies which are growing fast. In 2012, 32% of Turkish consumers shopped at unorganized retail channels, down significantly from 41% in 2008. Specialty stores, where 43% of Turkish consumers purchase most of their clothing, are the most popular shopping destinations.

turkish purchase of denim from stores

However, internet shopping is still nascent and at a miniscule 1%..

The consumers also showed their preference for cotton clothes but at 75% of consumers saying so, it was significantly lower than those from countries like Germany and UK where almost 85-90% consumers want Cotton…!!

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Turkish Exports of Denim Fabric / Mens and Women’s Jeans to US and EU

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