Denmark : Denim Jeans Imports 2010-2011

denmark denimDenmark , with a population of only about      is a small country  compared to many other countries in EU with a population of only about 5.5 million . The Danish apparel retail is valued at over $6.5 billion and is sizeable for the country of such a small population.   The country has a decent consumption of denim garments due to popularity of denims and it is estimated that the per capita consumption is about 4 jeans per person p.a with over 20 million pieces of jeans sold in Denmark.

So where do the jeans come to Denmark from ?

The jeans most come to Denmark in big quantities from

  • China
  • Turkey
  • Bangladesh

and small quantities from Pakistan , India etc. China enjoyed a market share of about 50% in the total jeans imported into Denmark in 2010. However , within a year , it lost about 4-5% points and the share is being taken up countries like Bangladesh, Turkey, Pakistan and India. This reflects the growing

Lets have a look at the quantities and prices at which the jeans are coming to Denmark  from some of the important exporting  countries in 2010 and 2011 …


2010( qty in million pcs)

(qty in million pcs)

2010 (Price in Euro/pc)

(price in Euro/pc)

China 10.21 8.76   6.28   6.58
Turkey 5.22 5.44 14.37 16.27
Bangladesh 1.84 2.84   4.21   5.85
India 0.35 0.91   8.50   9.42
Pakistan 0.29 0.34   8.14   9.24

Looking at the table above , it is clear that China is losing market share rapidly due to rising costs. Also, its surprising to see that Turkey is gaining share – reflecting that speedy turnaround and very high quality garments are required for this market and the prices touching Euro 16+ are not less either. 
Bangladesh and India are quickly gaining share of the market though the prices that India gets are far above those of Bangladesh.

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