Is Denim In For A Boom Period?

denim jeans boom copy

Despite the economic recession ,denim was one of the few apparel items to have maintained positive growth during the last one year. However, some segments of Denim like Super Premium Denim had been had been hit by the recession ,causing sales to slump.

However, now it seems that Denim Industry is in for a boom period.  What is the reason for this optimism. Well, it has got to do something with the  increased sales figures of denim jeans in USA and orders with the denim mills around the world.

  1. Sales of denim (women’s) into USA has increased 6.3% in the first six months of this year. The import figures for men’s jeans is also positive (I shall post the report on the same shortly)
  2. Denim fabric companies are full of orders. Companies in countries like India are full of orders for their denim fabrics. This portends well for sales of the next season. In my discussions with some other mills in China and Pakistan, the same positive sentiment was reflected.
    I am hoping that this positivity pervades in denim mills in other parts of the world too.

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