Pakistan Denim Exports To US

Pakistan is one of the most important apparel exporter worldwide. And when it comes to denim, it is really important because of its strength from fibers to garments . Exports of denim apparel from Pakistan in 2021 have far exceeded those of 2020 and even 2019. Many new buyers have found it interesting to source from here . US is second biggest importer for denim apparel from Pakistan after EU.
In this report, we have done a detailed analysis of the imports of denim jeans from Pakistan into the US over a period of 1 year from Dec 2020 to November 2021. The detailed report shows the imports by the US over this period.

Table showing top 10 US denim buyers from Pakistan in one year
Graphs showing total jeans imported by Top 10 US buyers from Pakistan over 12 months
Table showing the top 10 suppliers to the US from Pakistan
Graphs showing the top 10 suppliers to the US from Pakistan
Table showing the top three buyers of top ten suppliers


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