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Some of our latest reports on denim trends

To have a better idea of Top Denim Trends on a regular basis , we have arranged certain charts from Google Insights to enable find the emerging denim trends in last 90 days.
Let me explain these charts. As people around the world search for denim related items, the queries get sorted out on the basis of their frequency. Thus if ‘Skinny Jeans’ is searched more , it would on the top of the chart and similarly for other search queries. We have classified these charts under various categories to enable easy understanding.

1.Skinny Jeans Vs Denim Leggings Vs Ripped Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans Vs Wide Legged Jeans

How do these top denim trends compare with each other? When did these trends pick up ? Which trend is likely to grow stronger in the coming times? Just look at the chart below and you will find it out yourselves. These search results relate to entire World. The chart takes some time to load – so please be patient. 

From the graph above we can note how the interest in skinny jeans has skyrocketed over the last 2 years . Boyfriend jeans are also getting important . Denim leggings -  though still miniscule as compared to other trends, is definitely picking up as a trend and we are likely to see this increase in the coming months.

2. Denim & Jeans Search Trends

Now let us take some general trends and see what denim consumers are searching for . Both the charts below show the data for last 90 days only . So if you look at these charts anytime, you will find the latest data for last 90 days. The first chart shows how people worldwide have searched for ‘Jeans’ and the second chart shows searches for ‘Denim’. We have used these two terms only since they are the most popular terms related to this industry.

Now  that you have seen the charts above, just have a look at what the first graph looked like on the date of creation of this page . Here again , skinny jeans comes at the top. In the second chart, ‘ Denim Jackets’ seem to be getting popular
in the last 90 days ie 28August –27 th October 2009.

denim jeans search denim jeans search

The second chart shows

3.Denim Brands Compared  Levis – Wrangler – True Religion – 7 For All Mankind – Diesel Jeans

Which were the denim brands searched the most over last 5 years . Well, Levis seems to be on the top as on moment, but there are some surprises . We have selected the above mentioned brands and it is interesting to note their relative popularity over a period of time. Why we have taken these denim brands only ? Because these were the denim brands which were searched most by the people around the world.


This page will be regularly updated with denim trends with new charts added regularly . So bookmark and keep watching..Also leave comments whether or not  you agree with the trends these charts indicate.

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