A Talk With Bhavin Parikh – CEO , Globe Textiles

Globe Textiles (India) Ltd. is one of the important denim garment factory in Western India besides their own fabric manufacturing in non-denims. It has been a successful Star Exporter and catering to important clients in the last 2 decades . As they participate in our Denimsandjeans India show being held in Bangalore on May 15-16 , we recently had a word with the CEO Mr Bhavin Parikh and tried to know more about their operations .

Globe textiles have been in denim manufacturing for quite some time now. Please tell us about your company.

Globe Textiles India Limited (GTIL) is a prominent player in denim manufacturing, boasting an expansive infrastructure spread across more than 350,000 square feet. Our dedicated and automated facilities for garmenting services cater to global customers. With a strong base for denim fabric sourcing, development, and re-development of new-age fabrics, we stay ahead of trends and encourage experimentation. Our operations are supported by skilled professionals and automation in stitching and washing machines imported and indigenous, combination of technology with good practices. We pride ourselves on our highly skilled and experienced professionals who ensure smooth operations, and our 12 fully operational stitching lines enable us to produce up to 10,000 units daily.

Where do you think most growth is coming from – Indian or International markets for you?

We believe that the most significant growth is currently coming from the Indian market. With the expanding retail sector and consumers becoming increasingly fashion-conscious, coupled with disruptions in international markets due to events like Covid-19 and geopolitical tensions, the Indian market presents substantial growth opportunities for us.

What are the main strengths of your company which enable you to stand apart from others?

Our company’s main strengths lie in our state-of-the-art sustainable washing unit, integrated approach, leveraging cutting-edge technology, ensuring sustainability, deep industry know-how, a passion for indigo, proactive product development, and robust infrastructure. Additionally, our capacity and capability to adapt to evolving market demands set us apart from others in the industry.

What are the latest trends in the Indian market for denim and how do you cater to the same?

In the Indian denim market, we observe a trend towards fashion-oriented products, with a focus on curated laundry applications and diverse fits and silhouettes. We excel in catering to this trend by specializing in fashion segments, curating experimental washes, fits, and designs that resonate with the evolving preferences of Indian consumers.

Do you think that Indian producers are more suitable for producing high value niche products with lower quantities

Yes, I do believe that Indian producers are well-suited for producing high-value niche products with lower quantities. This plays to India’s strengths, and we are continuously striving to capitalize on this by leveraging our expertise, infrastructure, and innovative approach to meet the demands of niche segments effectively.

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