COVID 19 Hits Jeans Export From China To EU, Plunges By 40% In Jan’20 YOY

Although China is gradually coming back on track, however, the last few months weren’t good for the business. The globe has been witnessing a lockdown everywhere but it all started from China, either it’s COVID 19 or the lockdown. 

Factories were closed in many of the parts of China to limit the outbreak, the business was hit badly and so was the production . According to the latest export data, we’ve learnt that the jeans export from China to the EU fell by 40% in January 2020 compared to the export figures in January 2019. 

Let’s check out in the report below to understand the export of Jeans by China To the EU For January 2020.  

Table and Graphs Showing The Export Of Jeans- by China to EU ( Jan’19 V. Jan’20)
Table and Graphs Showing The export of Mens and Women Jeans by China to different EU countries along with the Average Price ( euro/pc) For Jan’19 and Jan’20

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