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Sustainabiilty has always been an amiguous word. There are no standard definitions for the same and though many brands and companies have been genuinely working towards making their products sustainable , the scourge of greenwashing continues to plague the industry. The answer to greenwashing is always TRANSPARENCY and STANDARDISATION . If all the elements of production inputs are somehow transparently shown in a standardized way, the chances of greenwashing somehow reduce to certain extent. However, this is easier said than done.

At Denimsandjeans , we have made a small effort towards standardization of inputs of DENIM FABRICS and relatively weighing them in terms of their sustainability. No claims of being perfect but we are happy for making a small beginning. We have created a DENIM FABRIC SUSTAINABILITY CALCULATOR which enables the platform to calculate the ECO SCORES of different fabrics by referencing to the various inputs that go into the fabric. From materials, to chemicals, to energy to water and other inputs, the calculator tries to come out with a score for each fabric rather than for the whole mill or the company. The idea is that the byers should be able to select fabrics which are more sustainable and they can clearly see reasons for their sustainable scores and judge for themselves whether the fabric deserves a particular score or not. As we all know that TRANSPARENCY is the key to sustainability and with this calculator , we have tried to make a small effort.

The concept of ECO SCORE on DE Brands envisages that the mills who are showcasing their products here should be able to create an ECO SCORE for all their sustainable products . For the buyers it aims to provide a clear RANKING of different GREEN products on the basis of their scores . The various inputs have different Sustainability score and based on the mill’s mixture of inputs – materials , chemicals, energy, water etc, each fabric gets an ECO SCORE .

A number of denim mills on our platform have come out with their sustainable products and got them scored. These products clearly bring out the details of their scorings and also show supportings of such claims to the visiting buyers.

We are happy to share some ECO SCORED products from various mills who are showcasing their latest collections on the DE Brands platform. The full details of the ECO SCORES and the mills’ details on inputs -their savings of various resources and further available on our platform which can be accessed by registering at this page
Check out some of interesting ECO SCORED products from our mills.

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