AG Jeans (USA) Women Jeans : Trend Analysis For Retail Sales 2023

AG Jeans is a premium denim and knitwear house leading the sustainable manufacturing
movement with innovative technology and eco-minded processes. It is an American clothing company with a focus on denim apparel created with sustainable manufacturing methods. Founded in 2000 in Los Angeles, California, the company is owned by its co-founder Yul Ku, whose Koos Manufacturing previously produced jeans for several well-known brands. The company was
co founded by the “Godfather of denim,” – Adriano Goldschmied and himself . Adriano established a legacy that was instantly recognized for its ingenious washes and designs, laying
the groundwork for AG’s rise in popularity as the leader of premium denim.

AG Jeans continues on its mission to design products that are authentically rooted in denim, craftsmanship, fit, and fabric innovation. Their constant research on various aspects of
denim help them to remain ahead of the curve in terms of product, styling and reach.

We have analyzed the online sale of AG Jeans for the months of November, June and January 2023 to help our readers understand more about this brand :

This report covers :

  1. Price levels of AG Jeans women jeans currently at the online retail level.
  2. 2. We evaluated 3 months of sales ie Nov 2023, June 2023 and Jan 2023 to see what differences we can note related to various aspects of the products during these 3 months.These aspects include FITS, MATERIALS/ COMPOSITIONS, DEFINITIONS etc.
  3. We also wanted to understand how the composition of cotton has panned out during these 3 different months. The composition of fabrics used for the jeans does reflect the particular focus of a brand where it tries to get a good balance between sustainability and fashion. We analyze the top few compositions which were most used during this time by AG Jeans’ in their women jeans. We also wanted to see if the brand was strategizing on its fiber inputs and does it reflect in its recent assortment of product offerings. We shall bring out a table with all the most popular compositions along with a complete table of all compositions for our readers to analyze themselves.
  4. We studied about 1100 product styles during these months to arrive at the following charts
  5. and graphs to give deeper insights into the brands consumer facing front.

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