Consumption Of Jeans In Germany | 2014-2017

Germany is , without any doubt , the biggest market in EU specially for jeans. It is the growth engine of Europe with sustained growth, unemployment at the lowest and a booming jobs market. With such strong fundamentals, retail is expected to do well on all fronts . It does and specially for denim.

Germany is going strong on its demand for denim and in last 4 years has shown continuous growth in consumption numbers. We feel happy to analyse the denim consumption numbers for last 4 years and see how the germans are powering ahead . The report includes :

  • Details of total jeans consumed in Germany from 2014 to 2017 (upto Aug – with projection upto 2017 year end)
  • Total Men’s jeans consumed during this period.
  • Total Women’s jeans consumed during this period.
  • Per capita consumption of All Jeans in Germany (2014-17)
  • Per capita consumption of Men’s Jeans in Germany (2014-17)
  • Per capita consumption of Women’s Jeans in Germany (2014-17)
  • Growth in last 4 years.

The report is supported by charts and graphs in each section.

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Germany is likely to remain the biggest market for jeans in Europe for many coming years and we hope to see continuous increase in demand in the region.

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