Denim Fabric And Apparel Consumption in US

us denim production and consumptionUS has been the largest market for denim apparel consumption for a long time , till it was recently overtaken by China as the world’s number one market.  But still with a per capita consumption of about 2 jeans per annum, the country is a huge 2nd largest market in the world . Denim fabric and apparel , both of which used to be  produced in US in large quantities have come down to a small number . We will look in this report at the following aspects of US denim supply chain :

a) Denim fabric consumption in US (2009-2011)  : This table takes into consideration  the fabric production, fabric imports , fabric exports and final consumption of denim fabrics in US for conversion into apparel.

b) Denim apparel production in US (2009-2011) 

c) Denim apparel consumption in US (2009-2011)

NB : The 2012 figures are being finalized and will be updated soon in this report.

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