Denim Fabric Exports From India–Oct – Nov’2011

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imageThe export markets of EU and US being dull, the export of fabric from India too has taken a beating. The companies are trying to find new markets to sell their denim as the western markets continue to reel under recessionary conditions.
It would be interesting to see which markets Indian companies have been selling their fabrics and at what prices.


We had seen in a previous data report  some details on this and we are now updating the same with the information of 2 months – Oct  to Nov 2011.

The main markets where fabric from Indian denim mills was shipped during Oct’11 and Nov’ 11 were Bangladesh, Turkey , Sri Lanka, Portugal , Peru, Lesotho , Guatemala, Egypt etc,
Lets have a look at some idea on quantities and prices shipped to these destinations.. (please read disclaimer below).

Shipments to Turkey dropped drastically due to the imposition of high duties in mid 2011. Inspite of the same, Turkey continued to import some quantities ..

Sri Lanka continued to be a good importer of denim fabrics from India but was still short of shipments made to Turkey in terms of both quantities and prices.

Shipments to South American countries like Peru , Guatemala etc have shown an increase. This reflects the shifting production capacities from China to these regions and the growing interest of denim companies from India to sell there. The prices , however , are not very high .

Lesotho is another destination which is not taking very low quantities from India . The garments from Lesotho are being shipped to US and EU under various duty benefits.

Egypt is another market which is a favourite destination for Indian fabric due to nominated shipments for various brands and also some direct shipments.

Qty shipped to Various Countries in Oct – Nov 2011

Country Quantities
(million mtrs(
Average Price (US$/ mtr)
Turkey 0.79 3.44
Sri Lanka 0.74 3.28
Lesotho 0.46 3.31
Egypt 0.61 3.14
Guatemala 0.46 2.93
Peru 0.30 2.98
China 0.13 4.29
Pakistan 0.08 3.16

A surprise destination is China which seems to be getting shipments from India at very good prices reflecting that only the very high end fabric is being shipped to this country. Since China is now getting expensive in terms of both fabric and garment production, there is a growing space to ship fabric to this country . It is expected that the low value orders would disappear from China due to increasing costs and only high value brands would manufacture there.

Prices Compared to 2010 Q4

The prices of fabrics have normally increased across the board due to cotton impact. However, we can see some markets where prices have suffered too eg Portugal.

Prices in 2011 (Oct –Nov) Compared
to those 2010 Oct to Dec

Country Prices (US$/mtr) 2010 Prices (US$/mtr) 2011 Change %
Turkey 3.05 3.44 +12.7%
Sri Lanka 2.88 3.28 +13.88%
Portugal 3.02 2.67 -11.5%
Peru 2.63 2.98 +11.7%
Lesotho 2.73 3.31 +17.5%
Guatemala 2.14 2.93 +40%
Egypt 2.42 3.14 +29%
China 3.34 4.29 +28%

Disclaimer : We collect data from various sources and try our best to bring out the best data for our readers. However, we take no guarantees on the accuracy of the same and readers are requested to apply their own judgement before acting upon any data. Also, we do not cover the shipments made to Bangladesh by road.


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