EU Denim Fabric Export During 2017 – 2019

Even with a continuously declining production of denim fabrics, EU still has some great denim mills who are not only selling in Europe but are also exporting their specialized fabrics around the world. We wanted to analyze the markets where such fabrics are going and to understand if some markets have some special liking for these fabrics. So we analysed the exports of denim fabrics from EU for the last 3 years and also checked the major destinations where this fabrics is being shipped. Overall it gives  a good idea about how EU denim fabrics are being used in different countries and markets.  

Table and Graph showing Denim Fabric Exported From EU to World alongwith Average Price and % Change during 2017 – 2019
Tables and Graphs showing Denim Fabric Exported From EU to some important countries alongwith Average Price and % Change during 2017-2019
Table and Graphs showing the comparative study between different countries and their % share in the export from EU during 2017 – 2019

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