EU Exports Of Denim Fabrics 2010- 2011

Eu Denim Exports EU denim production capacity has been reducing constantly and due to increased costs of production and the resultant shifts of productions to Asia .
The shifting of denim fabric production to Asia has also been increasingly supported by increased apparel production in Asian and other countries. As a result EU denim mills have to increasingly ship their fabrics overseas for conversion- which in any case they were doing to countries like Tunisia and Morocco. More countries have been added to this list and the fabrics are now being shipped across Asia .

Lets have a look at the places where denim mills in EU are shipping their fabrics in 2010 and 2011 . Basically we will see :

a) The countries where the major shipments are being made.
b)The quantities shipped to these countries .It gives an idea as to which countries are importing more of EU fabrics.
c)The value and average prices of these fabrics.
d)Comparison of all the above for both the years 2010 and 2011
e)Countries covered are Tunisia, Morocco, USA, Turkey, India, Egypt , China and Hong Kong.
f)Total EU export during this period of 2 years.

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