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H & M is one of the largest and the fastest growing retailers around the world.  Established in 1947 by  Erling Persson , H &M brings fashion to women, men , teenagers and children. With over 150 in house designers, the retail group is focusing on not only develop great designs , but also sustainable chain of design, manufacturing and product handling both for the people and the environment. With a turnover of about US$21.5 billion in 2012, it is ahead of Gap Inc and is on fast growth path and plans to increase number of stores by about 10-15% every year.
H & M has  6 independent brands under its umbrella – H&M, Other Stories, Cheap Monday, COS, Monki and Weekday. H & M also sells cosmetics, accessories, footwear, and a textile interiors concept – H&M home.

H & M sources its products from a large number of  suppliers around the world – a large number of them from Asia. Many of these are apparel and denim suppliers. We have compiled in this report a list of 60 companies who are supplying to H & M from Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Cambodia and companies headquartered in Singapore  etc.

Here is a list of  over 60 companies and about 150 factories which supply apparel (including denim) to  to H & M  . The list contains the phone/fax /website /email details of most companies and short descriptions of many of them. The details are in excel file and can be downloaded immediately.

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