Is Indonesian denim apparel export struggling ?

Indonesia, one of the most promising garment exporters in SEA, has been hit severely by the COVID-19 pandemic. Garment Export is one of the major contributors to the GDP of Indonesia, In FY 2019 the garment export alone contributed 11% to the total manufacturing exports and 5% to the total exports. This sector employs approx. 5.2 million workers and is one of the highest employment generators.

The USA is the prime export destination for Indonesia. However, since the USA itself facing immense pressure on demand and reports suggest that in April, the retail sales in the USA dropped by 88% and all the major brands including H&M and GAP experienced a heavy fall in their sales. Since there is a problem on the demand side, the suppliers’ side had to suffer.

Garment Imports in the USA and Japan — the two largest importers of clothing products from Indonesia — fell by 12 percent and 10 percent respectively compared to the same quarter in 2019.

In recent times, the Indonesian government is trying very hard to bring the Indonesian Garment industry on track, and to boost the export, the government is working on an Indonesia-Turkey Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement(IT-CEPA) to remove the additional tarries between both the countries.

In this report, we have analyzed the denim apparel exports for the month of October 2020, to understand the denim apparel export for the month of June 2020, click here.

Tables and Graphs Showing Leading Denim Exporting Destinations
Table And Graphs Showing Leading Denim Suppliers Of Indonesia
Table and Graphs Showing Leading Denim Buyers

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