Top Indonesian Exporters Of Denim Apparel In June 2020

Indonesia has always been a strong player in the global apparel industry. However, with the rise of China in the last 2 decades, the country could not effectively compete with China and had not been doing so well with many garment units closing down and fabric companies also facing a lot of problems.
However, the US-China trade war has again given a window of opportunity to Indonesian companies to fight back and to re-establish themselves.

In this report, we check out how the Indonesian denim garment exporters are faring in different markets and which are the main buyers they are supplying to. It is heartening to note that even during this pandemic, Indonesian companies were able to export over 4.5 million pcs of denim around the world. We will see that further down in the report some very interesting facts about the exports from this country.


  1. Top 10 countries by export share of Indonesian Denim Apparel
  2. Top 15 Exporters of Denim Apparel From Indonesia With Qty and Av. Price
  3. Top 7 Exporters of Denim Apparel from Indonesia With Their Contacts
  4.   Main Buyers of the top 7 Exporters
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