Nudie Jeans Men and Women Jeans Sweden – An Analysis And Comparison OF Online Retail 2022-2023

Nudie jeans is created with a different value with an attitude to go against the tide. When the fashion world was hardly conscious of sustainable materials – especially Organic Cotton, they decided in 2012 to go 100% organic cotton in all their products. It didn’t matter to them that the demand for apparel of such fiber as well as supply of such fibers was quite low. It was a conviction which pushed them to take this step.

They work only with suppliers that share their values. Together with Fair Wear Foundation they ensure safe and ethical working conditions across the whole line of production. It’s their way to get as close to” just the right amount” as possible.

We wanted to evaluate NUDIE JEANS as a sustainable fashion denim brand from various perspectives and using different parameters and evaluated their online offerings. We decided
to do this individually for their MEN’s JEANS and WOMEN JEANS over a period of 1 year. We
selected August 2022 , Feb 2023 and August 2023 as the months which we would evaluate
and compare to find a inherent direction of the brand

1.Pricing: Pricing of NUDIE JEANS Men and women Jeans currently at the online retail level.
What kind of price bands does it fall into.. Also we tried to find whether such a focused brand also discounts products and sells .The results were interesting to say the least

2.Within these 3 months, we decided to check the FITS, MATERIALS/CONSTRUCTIONS, DEFINITIONS etc.

3.We also wanted to understand how the composition of cotton has panned out during these 3
different months. We analyze the top few compositions (of course considering that they use
only Organic Cotton) which were most used during this time by NUDIE. We also wanted to see
if the brand was strategizing on its fiber inputs and does it reflect in its recent assortment of
product offerings. We shall bring out a table with all the most popular compositions along with
a complete table of all compositions for our readers to analyze themselves

4.We studied over 100 product styles in these months to arrive at the following charts and
graphs to give a deeper insights into the brands consumer facing front

a) Total approx no of jeans styles in each of these months sold online

b) The average pricing of all these jeans

c) Average discounting in each of these months and average pricing after discounts.

d) Approx FIT breakup of styles during each of these months. This will reflect if Nudie has changed its Fits in a big way during this period or not.

e) Most popular compositions during these months. We will list out the major compositions used (and in how many styles ) during each month to give an idea of kind of fibers being used for the fabrics

f) Cotton % on an average from the whole stable of styles on offer. Is the overall cotton %
used in the products going up or down? We will try to analyse that


As we can see from below figures, the men jeans stable of NUDIE JEANS online had approximately 34 men jeans styles in August 2022, about 53 styles in Feb 2023 and about 36 styles in Aug 2023. The number has increased over the last 1 year as we can see in the following graph.

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