Production of Jeans in East EU Countries

east eu copy Many of East European  countries, and erstwhile members of former Soviet Republic, had been integrated into EU in the last decade and have been climbing up the development ladder. Many of these countries had low costs of production due to reasonable wage structures . But over the years , as they integrated into EU , their economies no longer remained as competitive as before . Apparel production, which was there is some of these countries in some numbers could not be carried forward in the same way and they lost the productions to Asian countries. However, in spite of these losses , some of these countries still have some apparel productions and we will check out about jeans production in a few of these countries in 2011 and 2012.
We shall cover these countries in this report (also given their years of integration into EU).

Country Year Of Integration in EU
Lithuania 2004
Hungary 2004
Romania 2007
Bulgaria 2007
Poland 2004

We will look at the production of jeans in these countries in the year 2012. These numbers will be given for men’s and women’s jeans separately. Also we will have a look at the production values for men’s and women’s jeans and see how they compare with the average value of import of jeans into EU.

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