Top 10 Denim Corporations Worldwide

top 10 denimDenim is one of the single largest product category in textiles and it is worn almost in every country around the world. The production also takes place in a number of countries where a large number of small and big mills ensure that this desirable fabric is woven and supplied for conversion into garments.

Though the mills are spread out in every nook and corner of this world , there are some large corporations which have made their name as not only large but very reputed producers of denim. We are giving in the table below the list of Top 10 denim corporations worldwide with their denim production capacities. It is also interesting to see what share of world capacities is held by these mills as a whole.

Also given are the details on the different manufacturing units of these mills in various countries around the world and their individual capacities. Total 9 tables are given below:

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