Top 15 US Brands Buying Denim From Turkey In 2022

In this report, we are providing information about what major USA brands purchased denim from Turkey in 2022 .

With this data, fashion retailers can make more informed decisions when purchasing or manufacturing denim from Turkey. This report also provides insight into which US companies purchase at large volumes and which brands have bigger spending power based on their average prices. Rest of the report is visible to our paid subscribers. In case you wish to contact us for more info at , send email at . To see all protected reports titles,visit this page were bought by US brands from Turkey which makes it an important supplier of denim garments for them. Of course when we consider the shipments made to other destinations for these brands, the quantities would be much higher.

Turkey’s success lies in its ability to produce quality products while having large scale production capacities. This allows US brands work on different kind of products with Turkish producers.

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