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Top 15 European Brands Buying Denim From Pakistan

Which are the major European denim brands who bought from Pakistan in 2022 ?
Where did they buy these denim apparel and in what quantities ?
Was it expensive or they bought at good prices ?
What is approximate total quantity of denim bought by European denim brands from Pakistan?
What % of this total is cornered by these 15 brands ?

This report aims to show the current and future state of denim garment imports from Pakistan to European countries in 2022. It details on the top 15 European buyers, the quantity bought from Pakistani manufacturers, and their average pricing. Additionally, we will analyze which brands have purchased the denims in both small and large quantities. It is an interesting report for any brand looking to understand the spectrum of major buyers and suppliers from this region and to understand how things may look like in 2023 . Rest of the report is visible to our paid subscribers. In case you wish to contact us for more info at , send email at . To see all protected reports titles,visit this page As we can see from above, Pakistan is a very important supplier of denim garments to Europe. And this importance is probably going to increase in near term . Pl keep checking for more reports related to global denim trade.

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