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US Women Jeans Imports Rises 2.2 percent While Men`s Jeans Imports Fall 2 Percent | 2015

The US imports of denim apparel including jeans  show an overall fall of 0.3% in the period Jan-Sept,2015 compared to the same period like last year. This shows the total demand for denim jeans and apparel is almost same with a marginal fall. However, the total demand of denim apparel in US still lags behind that of 2013 figures by a good margin. Against a total imports of denim apparel of about 522 million pieces in 2013, the country is struggling to even reach a figure of 500 million pieces in imports . In 2014, the imports stuck at 479 million pcs and are likely to be similar quantity this year- may be with a slight fall as we see the figures of 2015 till September.

US Imports of Denim Apparel (in million pcs)

2013 2014 2014 (Jan-Sept) 2015(Jan-Sept)
522 479 354 353

The US market is more or less a saturated market and the  fashion , styles , market shares of brands, prices etc are the main parameters witnessing changes. The quantities and average consumption have reached a ceiling which was defined in 2005.

However looking a bit deeper we find some interesting dynamics. The women’s jeans seem not to be losing their sheen as the imports and hence sales are witnessing a growth for this segment. The imports of women’s jeans increased by about 2.2% in the year 2015 and at the same time, the men’s jeans imports fell by about 2% creating a net balance on import figures.

Let’s look at the figures of women’s and men’s jeans and denim apparel  imports and their respective prices below. We will also see interesting info. on changing dynamics of supplier countries for these two segments.


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