Women Jeans Imported Into US Under Special Programmes | 2012 vs 2013

US has treaties with a number of countries/regions around the world which enables them to export duty free or on concessional duties to USA.  Regional agreements like NAFTA, AGOA, West Bank & QIZs , DR-CAFTA, Jordan- US, Andean Act etc are some of the treaties which enable such preferential trade.  So , how do these trade agreements promote the import of jeans into US. Do the imports under these agreements enable these regions to export significant number of jeans to US? Are their numbers growing or reducing ? How are the prices from these regions as compared to non-preferred regions which export to the US? What is the % of exports under special programmes as compared to non-prefered regions ? Do these regions also export to US denim apparel which do not get covered under the regional pact benefits ?

We will explore the answers to above mentioned questions related to export of women’s jeans under Special Import programmes for 2012 and 2013 . The information can be downloaded in an excel sheet and the analysis of the same is given .

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