Orange Tab From Levi’s Makes A Comeback In Spring 2017

Bringing back the era of 1960s , the Orange tab from Levi’s is back in Spring’17 collection. The orange tab symbolized style and youth during the counterculture of the 1960s. Since then, old- school Orange Tabs have become the ultimate score for vintage collectors and denim heads alike.

“Just as we’ve seen vintage 501s and 505s being the height of fashion, I see Orange Tab as being the next level of that,” said Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s® Senior Vice President of Design. “Going to vintage dealers and watching the prices of vintage Orange Tab climb is a reflection of desirability.”

Adding the flavour of innovation and comfort, Orange Tab for Spring 2017 features vintage-inspired finishes along with updated fits and fabrics. Fabrics are based on archival 60’s and 70s Orange Tab fabric, but with a bit a stretch for a modern feel. The Orange Tab Work Shirt for Spring 2017 acts as a hybrid of Levi’s® classic Western and Work Shirts while the iconic Trucker jacket gets some Orange Tab touches, like the arcuate and welt pockets.

In women’s, there’s the classic 517™ Cropped jean, known for its collector appeal. The collection also features a cropped version of the new 505™C, a 721 Vintage High Rise, and a workwear-inspired Culotte, all with design details ranging from additional belt loops to patch pockets. Tees and tops feature Levi’s® logos and prints pulled right from our Orange Tab Archives, while other seasonal products, like the Orange Tab overalls and vented skirt, embody that signature 60’s/70’s vintage look.

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Orange Tab 2017 | Denimsandjeans.comOrange Tab 2017 |

Orange Tab 2017 | Denimsandjeans.comOrange Tab 2017 | Denimsandjeans.comOrange Tab 2017 | Denimsandjeans.comOrange Tab 2017 |


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