Denim leggings – Big Premium Denim Trend for Fall/Winter 2009 ?

October 8th, 2009 by Sandeep Agarwal | Filed under Denim Trends.

denim leggings Denim leggings (Jeggings, as they are often known as )seem to have exploded on the scene for a last couple of months. On the one hand, some trend analysts were predicting a withering away of the skinny jeans trend and now we are looking at an emaciated version of the Skinny Jeans as the next big trend in Denim. At the LA Kingpins show in August , Denim leggings alongwith Vintage styles topped the list of Fall Trends for Premium Denim.

Most  fashionable celebrities have been spotted wearing the new fall trend-denim leggings.Denim leggings have been seen on celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. There is no doubt that  they will be the hot trend for this  fall and winter and carry on for next couple of seasons.

The idea of leggings that look like jeans may seem a little strange at first but it’s actually a genius way of getting that skinny jean look without crushing your inner organs.

How are Denim Leggings  different from Skinny Jeans?

Well here goes..

  1. Denim leggings hug the body much more tightly than the skinny jeans.
  2. Denim Leggings are made up of materials which have a higher percentage of lycra/spandex in them as compared to skinny jeans.
  3. Many non-denim fabrics with pseudo denim looks can pass off as Denim Leggings whereas Skinny Jeans will Always be denim only.
  4. Denim leggings generally do not have a front zipper .
  5. Denim leggings are supposed to give a much more comfortable feel due to the material used and allow much more body movements as compared to Skinny Jeans.
  6. Denim leggings generally avoid pockets on the top.
  7. The stretch material of Denim Leggings should fit snuggly on top of boots or inside of boots depending on your preference.
  8. Denim leggings are tight around the legs but have a nice comfy stretch top- so no more muffin tops!.
  9. Not everyone can carry off a Skinny Jeans. This is much more applicable in case of Denim Leggings and some ladies may need to put up tunics and dresses  to cover unpleasant bulges highlighted by the leggings.
  10. Wearing Denim Leggings as normal jeans or pants would normally be considered immodest..

Some Celebrities in Denim Leggings

Paris Hilton In Denim Leggings

Paris Hilton In Denim Leggings

Isha Fisher in Destroyed Denim Leggings

Isha Fisher in Destroyed Denim Leggings

Annalynne McCord in Rock & Republic Denim Leggings

AnnaLynne McCord in Rock & Republic Denim Leggings

Whitney Port in Denim Leggings

Whitney Port in Denim Leggings

Beyonce in Top Shop Denim Leggings


Beyonce, Paris Hilton, and Sienna Miller in denim leggings


Gwen Stafani in J Brand Denim Leggings

Gwen Stafani in J Brand Denim Leggings

Kate Bosworth In Denim Leggings


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6 Responses to “Denim leggings – Big Premium Denim Trend for Fall/Winter 2009 ?”

  1. Dipak Chowdhury | 9/10/09

    Thank you for your post.

    If pseudo denim prevails in the market due to demand of Leggings will the consumption of actual denim be affected ?
    A certain part of consumer will defintely try with more comfortable leggings which possibly be non-denim.


  2. Sandeep Agarwal | 9/10/09

    Yes Dipak. It is already so with many different kind of fabrics passing off as denim to cater to customer need for comfort.

  3. Neal Royan | 15/10/09

    HI ! Sandeep

    Well ive been following the trend of the “jegging” for some time now and see that this could actually replace the conventional denim fabric as this can be washed down like a true denim cloth , whats your opinion on this transformation

  4. Sandeep Agarwal | 15/10/09

    Hi Neal,
    The ‘Jeggings’ can be made from true denim cloth (high stretch) or from pseudo denim cloths eg twills with denim prints or even knitted fabrics with denim prints. The fabrics that will be successful for ‘Jeggings’ will be ones which give a denim washed down look combined with comfort. You are right that traditional denim fabrics (heavier denims) are not suitable for this product. But the washed down capability of the ‘Jeggings’ would depend on the kind of fabric used. If it is not a true denim fabric, it will not wash down further.

  5. California Born | 3/11/09

    Love the concept. But have you seen California Born’s Second Skin™ stretch denim. CB’s offers the best of both worlds without having to actually wear a legging.

  6. Artistic Fabric Mills – An Innovative Denim Company From Pakistan | 2/09/10

    […] tailored by major changes in fashion trends. While the boyfriend and skinny fits remain popular, leggings/jeggings are taking the markets by storm. We think the tapered/skinny boy friend along with skinny cargoes […]

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