6.3 % Rise In Women’s Jeans Imports In USA During Jan- June 2009

Its great to see some positive news in these recessionary times. And here is one very good news on the imports of Women’s/Girls Denim Jeans into USA – a 6.3% increase in the first six months over the same period last  year. This also corroborates the 2.3%  increase in sales of Denim Jeans in USA in the first 4 months of the year 2009 and indicates that this whole year is going to be good for denim. Checkout the figures for imports given below and see the change in share of different countries.


Countrywise Imports of Women’s Denim Jeans  into USA

During   2008 and 2009(Jan- June period)

Country Jan-June 2008
(million pieces)
Jan-June 2009
(million pieces)
% change
China 21.3 41.95 +96.95% !!
Mexico 12.5 10.82 -13.1%
Hong Kong 11.6 1.2 -89.66%
Bangladesh 7.0 7.98 +13.67%
Cambodia 6.6 5.23 -20.58%
Egypt 6.4 6.82 +6.95%
Macao 5.7 0.92 83.91%
Nicaragua 4.9 2.82 -42.68%
Vietnam 4.3 7.78 +80.77%
Jordan 2.9 3.76 +29.21%
Pakistan 2.7 2.94 +8.4%
Sri Lanka 2.4 2.64 +12.24%
Indonesia 2.3 2.43 +6.8%
Madagascar 2.1 2.1 No Change
Lesotho 1.9 2.44 +27.5%
Kenya 1.3 2.50 +95%
India 1.4 1.34 -3.4%
Phillipines 0.8 0.6 -25%
Taiwan 0.6 0.06 -90%
Turkmenistan 0.4 0.61 +50%
Mauritius 0.3 0.57 +90%
Others 5.82 4.37 -24.91%
Total 105.22 111.88 +6.32%


There are some interesting things to note from the above figures:

  1. China has seen a stumpendous increase in exports of Women’s/Girls’ Denim Jeans exports to USA and has almost doubled the same within a year. However, these figures have to be seen alongwith the figures of exports of Hongkong which has almost lost 90% of its exports. This clearly means that the denim jeans that  were last year being exported from Hongkong are now being exported through China. Inspite of this , the increase in China’s exports of Jeans has been phenomenal.. Has it got something to do with recession and a preference for cheaper products??
  2. Most of the South American countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala have been continously losing share of these exports (womens’ denim). However, the South East Asian /South Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh ,Pakistan and Sri Lanka have been improving their share. Vietnam’s performance has been ,in particular , hs been very impressive in this category of denim jeans.
  3. It is interesting to see that Jordan and Egypt both have increased their share. It shows that currently Egypt is not proving as much a threat to Jordan’s exports (in this category) as had been feared.
  4. It is however, to be noted that the exports of denim jeans (men’s as well as women’s ) peak during the second half of the year. The figures for many countries could change during this half and show some reversal in trends. But the overall undertone for denim  is strongly positive and shows that sales of denim jeans is nowhere affected by the recessionary times.

I shall shortly post a report on the imports of Mens’/Boys’ Denim Jeans into USA in 2009 and I hope that it shall show similar positive trends..

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