21oz denim from Samurai- is it the heaviest denim?

Samurai is a famous Japanese brand and known for its innovative jeans.
One of their great jeans which came out last year was the 21oz denim…
21 oz???????
Yes, whole of 21 oz !
The S510XX21 model of Samurai ,with 21oz denim fabric made on Japanese wooden looms, has bettered their own previous record of 19oz denim.
This is a truly amazing denim and inspite of being so heavy, it is soft in feel because of very coarse yarns used and unique weaving methods applied. Samurai, rightly calls it the ‘Cloth of Super Excellence’. As most of their collection, this is also Selvedge denim with Red and Gold strands .
It took a lot of patience on the part of the highly skilled craftsmen to produce this fabric on the powerlooms.
The Japanese denim brands continue to amaze with their products . And I think the most important ingredient in their denim is the PASSION with which they work on their denims.Its NOT A COMMODITY for them..
And the PRICE – A COOL USD 330/–. Click here to buy.

Update- as dj correctly mentions, Iron Heart Jeans uses 22oz denim in some of its styles

  1. I have sketched out a few ideas for a line of denim missy clothes and bought some preliminary yardage — not that I would take this to market b/c I really just design for me — but all my denim is maybe 10 oz. max. I cannot begin to imagine what 21 oz. feels like as a single layer of fabric! Wish I didn’t have to pay $330 or travel to Japan to find out for myself.

    And what kind of needles can pass through several layers of this weight denim? Unbelievable but really fascinating.

    Found your blog while looking for organic denim fabric — really good stuff you’ve put together here.

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