Gap 1969 Premium Denim Jeans – Promotion Strategy , Videos etc..

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The launch of the Gap 1969 premium denim has been widely covered by the press . Gap is a large retailer listed on the NASDAQ and it has been showing flat or negative results  for quite some time now –and now the world is watching whether " Gap can do itand whether this new jeans can bring it back on rails..

Here are some miscellaneous points about this launch – its promotion strategy, a video explaining the different styles in 1969 and a behind the scenes video on ‘Born to Fit’

  1. Gap will rely on Facebook instead of TV ads to reach customers. Gap has created a Facebook Page . The ‘Born To Fit’ campaign is designed to make it interactive and anyone with a facebook account  can upload their photos and create  a ‘Born to ….” tagline. So you will find  photos of people with interesting taglines like ‘Born to Smile’, ‘Born to Dance’ , ‘Born to Tell Stories’   and many more .. This  widget is posted on a users facebook profile and if approved, on the Gap’s facebook page also. The idea is clear – let people create their their own widgets around Gap 1969 and share with the world. This way consumers would be themselves marketing the company’s product . Cool..
  2. Gap seems to be luring the stock traders at the New York Stock Exchange to push up the Gap stock price by providing them 1200 free 1969 jeans..Well actually , it was in commemoration of Gap’s 40th Anniversary coinciding with the launch of the premium denim line.
  3. Learn about Gap 1969 from Gap’s Denim architect: This is a nice video from Gap explaining the different women’s and men’s styles and why they think they are so special .
    4. And here is a behind the scenes video for ‘Born to fit ‘ campaign.

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