US imports of women/girls’ jeans 2000-2006

In continuation of the figures that I provided on the imports of Mens/Boys Denim trousers in US, I think the next step was to clarify the status of imports of Women/Girls Denim Trousers(commonly known as Jeans!) into US.
The figures are again quite interesting. The total imports in this category is LESS THAN THE IMPORTS OF MENS/BOYS Jeans.. Amazing isn’t it..There is a general impression that the women and girls buy more jeans. However, when we delve deep into the figures , we find that MEN are not to be left behind. Though the average price of a Women’s Jeans is more than that of Men, the men score in quantities.

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Year Girls(qty in mill.) Women (qty in mill.) Average price (Girls) Average price(women) Total (mn. pcs) Value(USD Bn)
2000 41.04 144.84 5.87 7.96 185.88 1.39
2001 45.00 167.64 5.75 8.13 212.64 1.62
2002 52.80 186.36 5.66 8.29 239.16 1.84
2003 48.60 179.52 5.57 8.47 228.12 1.79
2004 40.20 201.96 5.94 8.84 242.16 2.02
2005 50.04 234.84 5.09 8.90 284.88 2.34
2006 49.32 202.80 4.94 8.54 252.12 1.97

Source : US Customs

All price figures are in USD
Some other important things to note are :

a)The average price of a Girl Denim Trouser went down almost 16% in 2005 when quota was removed. However, the price of Women Jeans hardly dropped and showed great resilience.
This was probably due to continued craze for Premium Jeans in 2005 – which had a fallout effect on normal jeans also.
b)The imports of Women Jeans in 2006 has shown a drop of more than 10% ‘over 2005 figures. This is a clear indication of the slowdown in the imports of ‘Expensive denims in 2006. I had previously mentioned that the rate of growth of Premium denims has halved in the first few months of 2007 and it was reflected in the last few months of 2006 also.

I feel that 2007 will also not be giving very good figures on imports of Women Denim trousers. Lets wait and see..

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