Victoria Beckham sues Rock and Republic – lessons for Celebrity denim labels

The trendy posh spice Victoria Beckham, has sued the denim brand Rock & Republic for USD 100 million.
Victoria was engaged by Rock and Republic in 2004 to endorse their denim brand. Subsequently, she broke with them and started her own label – DvB denim . However, the label has not been faring too well recently . On the other hand, the Rock and Republic line that she had endorsed seems to have done very well. And, Victoria feels that Rock and Republic should pay her USD 100 million for additional profits earned(which seems quite ridiculous)..
Here is a lesson to be learned by the celebrities the world over – who are following this trend of launching their denim label to encash their celebrity status. The celebrities have to understand that Denim is a specialised product and those who do not understand it , should not jump into it. Their hundreds and thousands of labels available and the customers need a very strong reason ,besides their name, to buy the label. Initial crowds can be drawn on the basis of celebrity image but sales cannot be sustained on the same.
Another example of Paige Premium Denim would be very appropriate here. Adams Geller was a famous model who endorsed denim labels like 7 for all Mankind, True Religion and made them popular . She then launched her own label – Paige Premium – and made it successful. The reason was that Adams Geller thoroughly understood denim,its customers requirements,fit issues and most of all SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH DENIM. Her celebrity status must have made initial things easier for her,but it was her passion about Denim which made the label successful.
So, all the celebrities out there- I hope you are listening. Don’t just follow the herd and launch a Denim label.

  1. Exactly!! This writer is dead on. To much emphasis on what celebrity is wearing which product. This is a terrible business model for a profitable and enduring business. Our society likes instant gratification but what works long term is good sellable product.

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