Arvind plans to add more VF brands

VF Arvind brand – the JV between Arvind and VF (the USD 7 billion apparel giant) seems to be strenthening with new brands from the VF stable being added .
In India, VF Arvind brands has Lee and Wrangler under premium; Kipling, Nautica as high lux; the just launched Hero denim as jeans for mass; and between economy to premium is JanSport backpackers.

Among the new additions, Riders, the economy jeans brand, will be there(another economy jeans brand?)
The North Face TNF is dubbed one of “the coolest brands in the world”will retail via separate TNF outlets.
Vans, a casual luxury shoe brand, will also step in.
Eastpack, the backpack brand, will come in to the joy of many 16-18 year olds.
Arvind also opened the sixth store of Nautica – the brand supposed to be associated with high spirited people – in Mumbai. There are plans afoot to add another 12-13 stores in this year taking the total to 20.

The number of brands that Arvind (as a group) is handling is increasing by the day and it reflects on their expertise in this field. However, probably there needs to be some level at which Arvind will need to stop since the brands may be competing/conflicting with each other in the market esp when they are adding different brands in the same segment.
And now with Arvind planning to revive their FLYING MACHINE jeans brand , it will be very important for them to make a success of the same – hence energies and focus would be requried towards this end also.

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