20 Years Of Meidea – Lucia Rosin , The Founder Shares Her Journey

LUCIA ROSIN is a Fashion and Textile Designer with Over 30 Years of Experience Dedicated to sustainability throughout a career spanning over three decades. She is a well known figure in our denim industry (and a friend! ) and promotes a pioneering vision in sustainable design through projects, conferences, and collaborations with companies, schools, and universities. In 2004, she founded Meidea, a creative company which provides customized consultancy services for the fashion world by guiding fashion brands, mills and textile industries in the development of sustainable practices. Recently, MEIDEA celebrated its 20th anniversary. Denimsandjeans conducted an interview with the founder, Lucia Rosin, to discuss their journey and the significant milestones they achieved in reaching this success.

1) Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of MEIDEA. To what do you attribute this success?

Over the years, we have consistently prioritized extreme quality and concrete innovation, encouraging technical teams to experiment and innovate. Transparency in our work and in our relationships with clients has been paramount, transforming these relationships into true partnerships. Collaborating with various companies, bringing trend analysis, style consulting, product innovation and development, we have also established strong bonds and contributed to the professional growth of individuals.

2) In light of MEIDEA’s vision for denim and circularity, could you elaborate on the significant milestones achieved over the past two decades?

When we started working with dedication on sustainability, we did not find an environment open to change. However, we can say that few companies believed and trusted our vision, bringing concrete results that lasted over time and have led to being pioneers in the sector. We have been working on pre-consumer recycle since 2005; we implemented the use of laser and ozone, to the creation of accessories from recycled materials such as polyester and metal since the early 2000s. We have witnessed the sustainability of communities through photographic storytelling, and through three editions of The Circle Book, collaborating with visionary partners, have amplified our voice on circularity and supply chain tracking.

3) What new initiatives and collaborations were highlighted during the recent event celebrating this milestone?

Video : https://youtu.be/nDBAOR_IzoQ

The presence of our suppliers, friends in the industry and former colleagues highlighted the value of true connections, based on professionalism, kindness and fairness. These relationships are a lasting resource, which fosters the development of innovative projects based on earned trust. We highlighted the power of genuine collaborations based on trust, transparency and passionate work.

4) Could you provide insights into “Shades of the World,” which was a key highlight of the event?

Over the years, we have collected  an incredible archive of photos from around the world, meticulously documenting emerging trends, colors, shapes, nature, and humanity during each trip. By presenting these photos and the stories behind them, our guests were transported to those very places, experiencing the emotions and unique narratives captured in each image. “Shades of the World” will continue to be showcased at other events and fairs as a testament to our passion and dedication.

5) What are the primary strategies and prospects you foresee for the future success of MEIDEA?

MEIDEA is a dynamic entity that evolves over time, with each new collaborator bringing their story and experience, contributing to our continuous transformation. Looking ahead, we will continue our consultancy work, leveraging our unique expertise to drive innovation in companies. Additionally, we are committed to educate and sharing knowledge with the next generation of designers through active collaborations with universities and associations. We are also focused on the growth of our brand BLU’N ME, which draws constant inspiration from our work and embodies our philosophy.

For more details, contact Lucia here : luciarosin@meidea.it

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