Custom Bespoke Denim Can Cost Upto $15000 !

bespoke denimGetting the right fit in a jeans is normally a pain and for many body shapes  it is still more difficult as manufacturers try to concentrate on most common shapes to achieve volumes. And on top of that if you want your jeans to have silver buttons  with your name engraved or a specific thread color and a specific patch on your back pocket and the jeans should also help accentuate your body curves,  then there is no way you can buy a jeans from a store . Custom Bespoke Jeans are the answer.

Celebrities try to differentiate themselves from the crowd and with even premium denim becoming common among the slightly well off , only custom jeans can provide the exclusiveness they need. And it is for this reason that Mychael Darwin (who started a bespoke denim business when his wife could’nt find the right jeans which could flatter her curves ) can sell a denim outfit for as much as $15000 !  As he explains to Forbes in an interview

“I once had a woman client who wanted me to make her a complete denim and leather outfit,” says Darwin, whose jeans are a favorite among the Hollywood A-list. “She wanted sterling silver buttons, and she wanted her name engraved on all the buttons. She wanted really expensive Japanese denim. The whole thing cost her $15,000.” He starts chuckling. “But, hey, she could afford it.”

Mychael Darwin Custom Jeans feature exclusive Japanese Dry Denim and Dry-Wash Japanese premium denim fabrics. These vintage denim fabrics are made on original looms machines made in the 1950’s. These beautiful rare and superior denim fabrics feature a dry-stone washing technique from the early days of making original dry denim quality jeans.

And then , there is Loren, an intimate clothing boutique situated in Brooklyn . With jeans ranging from $500 to $10,000 , they are able to cater to a clientele which is very wealthy.

The 3×1 concept store from Scott Morrison – one of the persons credited with introducing the luxury denim in US-  is a bespoke denim which is more affordable. At $295 to $1200 , these jeans are not exactly cheap but we can use the word “affordable” since we have been talking about $10,000 to $15,000 kind of prices !  .

Besides these , we have many online sites offering unique fits for individual clients with prices as low as $100  from sites like  Indicustom, Makeyourownjeans and many other similar ventures .

The idea behind all these ventures is a growing client base who “Want Denim Their Size And Their Way “.
But what happens if your exclusive and expensive jeans get torn or are not wearable. Worry not, you can always go to places like Denim Therapy and get them repaired in a jiffy !!!

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  1. Bespoke denim is suitable for most occasions. But purchasing good quality denim can prove to be a headache as it can be very expensive. Selecting cost effective and quality denim resources must be the priority for customers.

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