Driving Change: Diesel & UNIDO Join Forces for Sustainable Fashion

In a landmark collaboration, Diesel and the UNIDO are joining forces to spearhead a revolution in sustainable fashion. This strategic partnership aims to drive change and set new standards for environmentally conscious practices within the industry.

Recycling Cutting Scraps

Prepare to be captivated as Diesel, unveils its highly anticipated fall collection consisting of 28,000 pairs of jeans. What makes these jeans truly exceptional is their construction, utilizing a remarkable 20 percent minimum of recycled fibers sourced from cutting scraps carefully collected from Diesel’s Tunisian supply chain.

Transforming Waste into Fashion as part of their ambitious undertaking, Diesel and the UNIDO are tapping into the immense potential of cutting scraps. By repurposing these seemingly insignificant remnants, they are turning waste into fashion. This innovative approach transforms discarded materials into high-quality jeans, promoting circularity and reducing the environmental impact of textile production.

Tunisia’s Local Business Ecosystem

Enhancing Value and Sustainability, the collaboration has focused on establishing a thriving local business ecosystem in Tunisia, where Diesel’s supply chain is based. By enhancing the value of pre-consumer textile waste, the project empowers the community while championing sustainability. Through effective sorting, recycling facilities can efficiently convert cutting scraps into regenerated cotton fibers, which are then reintroduced into the denim production process.

Witness the transformation of 7,500 kilograms of textile cutting waste from Diesel’s denim production in Tunisia into a remarkable 46,000 meters of exquisite fabric, ensuring the creation of 28,000 pairs of jeans that exude both style and sustainability . A remarkable 4,200 kilograms of waste will be reborn in the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 collection, solidifying Diesel’s commitment to fashion that respects the planet we call home.

Diesel’s Commitment

For Responsible Living and UNIDO Sustainable Development Goals Diesel’s dedication to responsible living and sustainable practices aligns seamlessly with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. By actively participating in this collaboration, Diesel demonstrates its commitment to driving positive change in the fashion industry. With their shared vision of responsible consumption and production, Diesel and the UNIDO forge a path towards a more sustainable future.

The impact of recycling fibers extends far beyond reducing waste. By incorporating recycled materials into their jeans, Diesel significantly conserves resources such as water, energy, and raw materials. Additionally, the brand actively reduces its carbon footprint and minimizes the release of hazardous chemicals, promoting a greener and healthier environment.

By embracing sustainable practices and promoting circularity, Diesel and the UNIDO are paving the way for a greener and more responsible fashion industry. Together, they are driving change and shaping a future where style and sustainability go hand in hand.

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