Are Designer Face Masks To Be A Big Product Category Amidst CORONAVIRUS Crisis

Due to the pandemic , all the authorities across the globe have been making the use of face masks compulsory when stepping out to prevent the spread of CORONAVIRUS.Recently the Center For Disease Control have also officially recommended the widespread use of face masks. In many countries, it is not allowed to go out for necessities without the masks. The N95 masks are available in the short supply and are retained for medical resources and professionals.According to CDC notes, the face can be covered using a cloth made from home as well ,made of layers or breathable fabric (such as cotton).This is a very important step for protection specially at places where social distancing can’t be followed.

The asymptomatic carriers are the most threatening types of COVID-19 patients who effect the other people without showing any symptoms themselves. Face masks prove to be very effective in such cases where we can avoid the risk of transferring the deadly disease by covering the face.The brands which are making the masks are not doing it out of complete financial help from the government. They are also donating the masks as per their share of help to essential workers and needy people.

Many luxury brands are sewing masks but are reserved for medical stakeholders. The brands involved in luxury making includes , Prada, LVMH , KERING , LAMBORGINI etc. Ralph Lauren, New Balance, and brands such as Christian Siriano, Eileen Fisher, and Brandon Maxwell are other manufacturers as well. Not only these expensive masks are there in the market  but the DIY cloth face masks are the new trend that the people have been trying at home. Although , purchasing a $60 s mask or a 1$ mask won’t make a difference in curbing the disease , but there is a visible trend towards  making the designer masks for retailing to appeal to the aesthetics of the consumers.

The trendy collection is made from different fabric and cotton with silk and laces and of course denim . Motifs and patterns have been mixed to produce different designs .These masks may not come out cheap and can be as  expensive as $60 .On the other hand, Maison Modulare created a mask which cost 120 $ made with 3 layers of French lace. Citizens of Humanity is selling the 5 pack of masks at 25 $ and Kes is offering the mask made from pure silk. Blanket Co. is making fleet versions masks at five for $30 .Buck Mason from Los Angeles is selling masks at 20$ for five.You can buy a five-pack double-ply cotton coverings from the LA-based brand Sanctuary for $29.99, available in   floral, leopard print, and camouflage patterns  or a Chantilly lace face mask from the bridal designer Katie May for $45.Amazon and Flipkart have also asked the clothing brands to increase the production of mask. Myntra has also started the delivery of masks breaking the halt due to lockdown.Big Basket has also introduced anti pollution disposable masks.

As we see reports on the current corona crisis, it seems that though we may be able to overcome the huge current impact and things may normalize in a few months, it is quite likely that the virus is here to stay with us for a couple of years. In such a case, it may become imperative for people around the world to invest in personal protection clothings and masks would be an essential part of it. If the situation comes so and we are forced to wear masks in our daily routines , we might see a huge new product category being created. Imagine – even if 20% of the population is wearing masks  around the world (about 1.6 billion)  and each of them would definitely need few masks (say 5) , we are looking at a demand of 8 billion masks !

The question that would remain is whether these designer and simpler masks would be certified as protective against the virus or not . Time will tell how this whole thing folds out .

Face Masks Are The Latest Trend Amidst CORONAVIRUS | Denimsandjeans

Face Masks Are The Latest Trend Amidst CORONAVIRUS | Denimsandjeans

Face Masks Are The Latest Trend Amidst CORONAVIRUS | Denimsandjeans

Face Masks Are The Latest Trend Amidst CORONAVIRUS | Denimsandjeans


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