Fresh Blue Collection From Soorty

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Soorty denim from Pakistan has come out with a new concept of denim – the Fresh Blue . According the their product development team, the range has the following distinguishing features. :

  • Brighter was effects than normal indigo
  • More clean blue than normal indigo
  • Bleach wash does not give a reddish cast
  • Always giving a fresh look to the denim garment

This is what they say about this new range

“The significant difference between “Fresh Blue” color and conventional indigo is that the wash down is brighter, blue cast, with no sign of reddish hue on bleach. We’ve kept the brilliance of blue color and complimented it by indigo. At first look, it will look like a typical traditional “Denim fabric”, but on close observation, customer will discover a major difference and will realize that fresh blue is refreshing and more attractive. Fresh Blue is a result of constant passion for research from Soorty, as thorough study of process condition and proper
understanding of techniques can result in amazing innovations and can make an amazing difference in final product…..”

Here are some images from the FRESH BLUE collection

Microsoft PowerPoint - recycle concept final

For more details on this collection , contact SOORTY.COM

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