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Levis revel. Let your body do the talking

Levi Strauss Co. designed the first pair of ladies’ jeans nearly 80 year ago. Shorn of any kind of feminine cuts or looks, the jeans was a pure workwear.  Fashion evolution has enabled the women’s jeans into much more than workwear clothing product. While many premium denim brands  like 7 For All Mankind ,  J Brand etc stole the show from Levi’s for that near perfect premium  jeans for women, Levi’s continues to invest in new innovations and technologies that  would help create that great jeans for women. Few seasons back it  had launched the Curve ID  which markets denim fits to a woman’s specific degree of curves and now has extended this concept with the launch of the REVEL Jeans .Revel jeans pledges to combine figure-slimming materials with the classic denim.

“Levi’s Revel takes that curve innovation one step further by actively shaping a woman’s body, giving her the legs and butt she always wanted,” said Jill Guenza, Levi’s vice president of women’s design.

“The fabric works on the principle of a coiled telephone spring as explained by Jessica Lawrence of MiH Jeans.

“The body is pushing against the outline, but the denim is like a phone cord – it keeps springing back into shape”.

The fabric is believed to be made of two new generation high stretch fibers wound around one another. And the jeans

Levis Revel Jeans Thin Butts

Liquid Shaping Technology

Levi’s starts with a four-way stretch fabric comprised of cotton, polyester, Lycra and DuPont’s Sorona fiber. The fabric has been created by the Turkish denim mill Isko .Levi’s seems to have used a liquid shaping technology in this product . While full details on this patent pending formula are not available, Levi’s seems to have applied a  liquid chemical formula to the fabric’s interior using screen-printing techniques . The purpose of this application is to regulate stretch in strategic areas , such as the inner thigh and stomach providing structure, support and a figure-hugging shape to the jean, rather than simply uniform stretch. The application is made on the reverse of the jeans.  The denim stretches in all four directions offering women comfort, yet the jeans clings to the body. The result is a jean that carves out the inner thigh, slims and smoothes the outer thigh, lifts the seat and flattens the tummy.Essentially it helps the women to look slimmer than they are – a feature of  great value for the female customers.  In the image below see the liquid chemical application on the reverse of the jeans. This application is supposed to support the stretchability and recovery in the key areas of inner thighs , stomach support and seat. The application is claimed to last about 50-60 home laundry washes.
levis revel liquid shaping technology copy

Levi’s is not the only company which has come out with these “Make You Skinny”  jeans. J Brand came out with Photo ready jeans (92.5% cotton, 5% polyester, 2.5% lycra)  which claims to make women look 2 sizes smaller . Some other premium brands have been working aggressively on similar products since it holds promise of a huge market potential. For Levi’s this is the most significant launch after the Curve ID launched in 2010.


Revel currently has been launched in four different looks – including black and a printed version -and retails between $98 to $128 . This is a reasonable price for a jeans with so much value.

Levis Revel Printed

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