Light Scraper Technology By Jeanologia

On a recent trip to Valencia where Jeanologia is based, it was fun to go around the research and development centre created by the company and to learn more about their latest developments.  Jeanologia has been continuously creating new technologies which help the industry in its eco sustainable initiative.

One of their latest developments has bee the light scraper which they unveiled at the Denim by PV. It is a new generation laser which works  to,  not only create effect for and on garments but also ,create designs and patterns of the fabrics.  Basically, the laser can create yarn effects on denim garment which seem to originate  from the fabric structure. For instance, if a normal OE denim fabric has been used to create a garment , then the Light scraper can create different yarn patterns on the garment to give the looks of like Ring Slub , Cross hatch, Multi count etc.  So , instead of just giving a washed look to the garment, the laser will also change the look of fabric structure giving more options to the manufacturers to design their garments and create value addition.

I spoke to Enrique Silla , President at Jeanologia, about the new technology and he explained

“…This is a new technology which can create hand sanding or scraping look in the fabric. We can also create slub look from OE fabric , cross hatch look and other yarn looks. It is a complete revolution because from one fabric we can have the look of several fabrics and for the first time we can eliminate human hand completely. We have concentrated on 5 different kind of slub looks initially to be created on the garment….”.

Here is a complete video of a talk with Enrique Silla


The image below shows the vertical slub looks created by Light Scraper machine of Jeanologia. (pl pardon the blurry visual !).

light scraper denim

The company also presented three key stories for upcoming  denim trends:

a)Suiting up – Preppy and sartorial menswear inspire the feminine dandy trend with reviewed 70s flair.  Denim tailoring with retro aesthetics is the key point for men. Contemporary icons for this style are Rachael Zoe and Claudia Schiffer.
b)Microbreaks and Ristipisto Evolution: From geometrical patterns, fluffy effects, cozy looks micro damages, animal skin look and pop up textures . Creating different images , textures and patterns with lasers.
micro breaks by laser

micro breaks by laser

c. Illusory patches : Vintage and ragged looks created by laser usage.

laser patches on denim

We also had a a look at their fabric printing machine which enables to print different laser designs directly on the denim fabric – which is another cool innovation from the company .

denim fabric laser

Some other images of some laser treated products and from the research and development centre at Valencia.

laser looks on denim

laser looks on denim

IMG_1762 washed looks with laser + r and d centre jeanologia

And a cool print on denim of my name  by their nano laser . I seem to have missed my photograph which was also printed by this laser !

sandeep agarwal laser denim

Thanks to all at Jeanologia!

carmen silla

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