Orta Anadolu To Launch Alchemy One – Denim Fabric Finishing Process At BBB


Orta Anadolu – the famous denim mill from Turkey has come up with a unique denim fabric finishing process which changes the structure of the fabric . The process has a large number of pluses but the biggest being its eco – sustainability with about 90% of chemicals being used in close circuit and almost zero water being used !
The fabric made using this unique washing process is being launched at the Bread and Butter – Berlin (BBB) on July 6th .  The fabric has already been tested by a number of companies and people in the industry to check out the specifics and Ebru Karakoç  from  Orta feels the response has been terrific !

Denham – the Jean maker  : has made a collaboration with Orta to use Alchemy one for presenting collection at Pitti and will also be doing at BBB.

Piero Turk – the famous denim designer who has washed Alchemy One has remarked that it was very easy to retrieve true authentic vintage look on rigid fabric easily and that he could apply 3 dimensional finishes without much effort.

Antonio di Battista who has also conducted wash trials has revealed that the fabric transforms into a very luxurious look with an amazing hand-feel in the simplest finishes.

What can be achieved with Alchemy One  process of finishing?

As per Orta Anadolu, the following characteristics can be achieved in the denim and other fabrics by this finishing process :

  • improved bulk .
  • improved lustre .
  • high strength .
  • reduced extensibility .
  • increased affinity for dyes of certain types .
  • enhanced evenness of dye take up.
  • can be used as a treatment for durable press finish.
  • delivers better physical performance with better  visuality and hand-feel.
  • improves the tensile strength and dimensional stability of cotton rich fabric
  • improved properties over mercerizing” . It would perform further processing, including dyeing and finishing, that would provide the fabrics with “performance properties that are not achievable with conventional methods.
  • permits the use of less resin than other mercerization techniques, it could achieve better performance with respect to strength.
  • alters the visuality of the fabric and makes the fabric smoother and brighter.
  • reduces the use of softener, resin, antipilling enzyme in denim garment finish.
  • processes  the fabric with almost zero water consumption.

The image below shows the advantages of the process quite nicely .

orta anadolu alchemy one

Here is a small but artistic video from Orta Anadolu on the Alchemy One process

To know more about the Alchemy One finish process , contact Ebru Karakoc from Orta Anadolu by clicking here  or visit their stall at Bread and butter on July 6th 2011 at 1600 hrs at Luna park !!

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