Now Animals Start Designing Jeans !

So what is the best way to get the worn in look on your jeans ? Scraping, Sanding, Lasering, Stone washing etc etc ! Well all these activities and within the realm of human activities and getting a bit boring !

Now we have jeans designed by animals – lions, tigers and bears to be precise.  The Zoo Jeans designed by dangerous animals is created by  Mineko Club, a volunteer group of zoo supporters who came up with the idea to help raise money for the zoo and animal conservation. “We first take their favorite playthings – old tires and giant rubber balls – and wrap them in sheets of denim. The animals , expectedly, have their own way with denim and play around with their heavy claws and large teeth resulting in a highly distressed jeans.

zoo jeans

Fortunately the whole exercise has some positive aspect. The jeans are being auctioned on Yahoo Japan and the proceeds will go to the Kamine Zoo at Japan where the “designers” live.

zoo jeans by bear  zoo jeans liion tiger jeans

zoo jeans lion

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See video of the “designers” at work below:


If  someone is game to get this distressing done with their jeans on , pl contact us.!!

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