From Picture To Laser : A New Tool By RevoLaze

RevoLaze, LLC, a laser technology firm headquartered in Westlake, OH, announced today that it has successfully launched CarbonLaze, an online software tool aimed at significantly decreasing the time to create laser design files, while giving it a more authentic and natural look.

From Picture To Laser–A New Tool By RevoLaze | Denimsandjeans

Over the past several years, the denim industry’s shift to laser etching as the finishing method of choice has resulted in a more sustainable and production friendly practice over hand sanding. The preference for laser etching has also led for the necessary time required to create laser files from denim standards. The time to draw a laser file can range from 2-4 hours for basic patterns and upwards of 8-12 hours for more complex, vintage type patterns. With some manufacturers reporting up to 40 standards a week from brands that need to be converted to laser files, they have difficulty keeping up with this demand and resort back to hand sanding for those standards that cannot be drawn in Photoshop in time.

CarbonLaze online software solves the industry’s great need by providing brands and manufacturers a patent-pending tool to automatically convert these denim standards to laser ready files. The process is simple: take a high quality photograph of the denim garment, upload the photo to CarbonLaze and a laser file is created within minutes. If necessary, laser designers can also go back in Photoshop with the CarbonLaze laser file and make any minor adjustments. Since they are standard laser files, CarbonLaze files will open in Photoshop and work on all laser systems currently in the market.

Vintage garments can be very time consuming and difficult to replicate in Photoshop. In the example below, one of CarbonLaze’s early adopters, Silvermoon Jeans, quickly converted their vintage garment and made a few minor modifications to achieve the look. A file that could take a full day to draw, now only took a few minutes.

According to Darryl Costin Jr., President of RevoLaze, CarbonLaze provides many much-needed benefits to the entire industry,

“This is such an important innovation for every part of the denim supply chain. Decreasing pattern creation from 80% to 100% affords manufacturers the opportunity to save time and money while decreasing harmful labor practices. Smaller orders of hand sand production runs can now be converted to laser. CarbonLaze also provides the denim brands more authentic and natural looking lasered garments by picking up all the details, including more highs and lows, from pictures that are difficult to hand draw in Photoshop.”

RevoLaze feels this online software will greatly help both denim brands and manufacturers. Denim brands can now go back to their archive of vintage garments, quickly convert them with CarbonLaze and send the laser files to their manufacturers. Manufacturers can further improve their productivity, spend less time creating laser files and spend more time developing standards and new looks that were too difficult to design before.

From Picture To Laser–A New Tool By RevoLaze | Denimsandjeans

To RevoLaze’s Vice President of Operations, Ryan Ripley, CarbonLaze software is just one more tool for laser designers to get the most ideal outcomes possible,

“For the past two decades, our main goal as a company is to provide the denim industry ways to maximize their denim finishing capabilities. Last year, we launched LightLaze, another online software program to convert multi-layer laser files into single layer files, in which over 200 users have already realized its benefits. CarbonLaze builds off of this momentum that answers the industry’s desire to speed up the laser file creation process. We look forward to working together with CarbonLaze users to help them hit their design and production goals.”

In addition to the already mentioned benefits, CarbonLaze also picks up the wash characteristics, texture and overall abrasion on the garment, which can reduce wash time of the garment in production. The software even has a unique feature built in that automatically improves the feathering of every file.

From Picture To Laser–A New Tool By RevoLaze | Denimsandjeans

To start using CarbonLaze software, interested customers can sign up at As a monthly subscriber, users will have full access to the subscriber’s only section where users can access video tutorials, special webinars and other valuable information. The first month’s membership comes with 12 downloads and additional downloads will be available for purchase on the CarbonLaze site.

For more information on CarbonLaze, please contact Ryan Ripley at or visit

About RevoLaze LLC

From Picture To Laser–A New Tool By RevoLaze | Denimsandjeans

For over 20 years, US-based technology firm RevoLaze has been dedicated to creating and implementing  patented laser processes. RevoLaze technologies help mills, manufacturers and denim brands lower overall cost, while increasing volume and design capabilities. With over 20 patents granted, some of the biggest denim brands and manufacturers in the world license RevoLaze technology. For more information, please visit

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