Hellenic Mills (Greece) expected to show slight recovery

Like all other Denim Mills that have been affected by the slowdown in the denim sales and reduced prices, Hellenic Mills also experienced reduced financials in the year 2006(as compared to 2005). However, it is expected that the first quarter of 2007 is going to show little improved results signalling an improvement in the Denim Fabric market.
The comparison of the years 2005 and 2006 will show that almost on all parameters, the performance in the year 2006 was poorer than in 2005.

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, 2006 2005  
Turnover 84.17 88.21 (Million Euros)
PBT(profit before tax) 0.21 7.34 (Million Euros)
Net Profit 0.11 5.02 (Million Euros)
EPS 0.01 0.38 Euros
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