Denim Mills-Worldwide (India,China,Turkey,Pakistan & more)

I often need to check out various Denim Mills around the world – just to see what they are doing. It was a painful task to keep track of their web addresses and then individually search their sites and the web. Now I have found a very easy and clean way to checkout all these mills around the world in a few minutes.
Visit this List of Denim Mills Worldwide and you will see the site of Cone Denim of US opened. You can easily browse through the site. Now, you will see NEXT button on the top left . Click on the same and you will see site of another Denim Mill from USA. Also below the TITLE (on the blue frame) there is written the country name – USA. When we click on this, the names of other countries slide down. One can easily select any country name and the DENIM MILL sites of that country will start opening.
What if I want to see which companies are covered from one country ?
Easy… Just click on the TITLE and you will see slide down of names of companies in that country and one can click on any name and open their site..
I could cover Denim Mills from many countries like Turkey, Italy, USA,Spain, India, Pakistan, China,Taiwan,Hongkong, Japan, Bangladesh etc etc.. I think its really cool.. Would be good to have comments of the readers.
Also don’t forget to open the category of DENIM TRENDS (which will come alongwith the country list) to see the latest trends in Denim.
And for those looking for some Buyers of Denim and Buyers of Jeans , click accordingly..

Note: Click on the category name to open other categories. Also,click on TITLE to see other links in that category. Eg if you see ‘USA denim mills ‘ category, click on the same to reach the companies in other countries. OR JUST KEEP ON CLICKING NEXT..

Alternatively you can just check the Denim Mills Directory

  1. hi sandeep
    i find your website very informative, i am doing a project related to denim jeans, i havent been able to find jeans exports data of Pakistan, can you post some figuers on jeans exports from Pakistan and comment on the state of jeans manufacturing in Pakistan?

  2. hi sandeep

    I received your email, thanks for the link, I have used the data from your website on indian jeans exports, I am looking for similar sort of data on Pakistan, all this sort of data is subsciption based or purchasble.

    I am also doing a survey in both India and Pakistan among jeans manufacturers. from Pakistan the response is good but i need more responses from India. will you fill out the survey questionnaire? I am a final year student of undergraduate level. I would really appreciate your feed back. I will forward it to you on your email. Plz do take some time out.

  3. Farrukh Sham Hi !

    This is azhar hassan marketing Manager of Master textile mill Pakistan , we are largest manufacture of denim and noon denim pant , i had saw you message , which you were wrote to sandep, if you are interested , i can post you company profile .

  4. Dear All,

    This is Ayaz hassan Merchandiser of Soorty Garment factory, we have our Denim Mill in Karachi. please let me know the complete book or link regarding Denim Fabric… with washing detail and chemical process of Denim process. my Emial ID is


  5. Hi! How r u? I am a Textile Engineer. Now working in denim mills in bangladesh. if u wanna know about denim fabric, denim washing i will help u.

  6. We are looking for a denim fabric with fireretardant fabric, 7.0 oz. Please email us with details

  7. Hi Sandeep,
    i have read you all notes and realy these are very best in denim development. I am AR&D Manager in Soorty Denim Pakistan. If you have some literuature on special finishes please info. all of readers. It will be helpfull for all.

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