Colored Jeans – spreading out further

As I mentioned before, colored jeans is catching up as a trend in the Jeans’ Fashion this year.
Quite a number of International celebrities,including Ashley Simpson and Rachel Bilson, are seen endorsing this trend by wearing these jeans.. (see below)
But will this trend be picked up by the masses ? There are very good possiblities as the fatigue factor for the BLUE DENIM may cause a temporary shift to other colors.. Lets wait and see..


Update:8th August 2008
I agree with Alpesh, ( in comments) that the color denim would use more of reactive dyed colors rather than sulphur dyed.

  1. In last two three years many new shades with sulphur dyes have been tried by many denim mills. But the trends is shifting from the duller self shade of sulphur dyes to brighter shades with good wash down levels. The trend will be toward reactive dyes bottoming with mild pigment or sulphur topping and with self shade of pigment and reactive dyes without topping. The shades covers both faminine and mascular tones and this will be very strong trend in coming summer.

    Alpesh Patel
    Manager, Product Development
    Arvind Limited.

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