Denim For Ipad /Iphone?

Lets  start counting the products where denim is being used as a basic input or as an additive providing an enhancement value :

Bottoms and Tops including jeans , jackets , shirts etc
Car seat covers
Ladies fashion dresses
Sarees for Indian women
Burqahs and other dresses for muslims
Towels !
Pet clothes

The list is endless……………………

So if there is one more addition to this list , it should not be surprising at all. Applying denim fabric to accentuate the value of an ipad or an iphone is like bringing two iconic products together.
When Cone selvedge denim is lined with Merino wool to make sleeves for Ipad /Iphones, the product is expected to be still better. Its interesting to see these new applications for denim – but unforunately we will not be able to see the wash down effects on these products..  They will, as they say , age gracefully !


Though  interesting as a product , the denim mills are not going to get a huge advantage in terms of meters sold …But its good to see another place product category being invaded by denim !

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