Denim or Jeans ! What are people searching? And from where ?

Google trends is a good place to know what people around the world are searching for and one can also compare different terms for search and get a single graph to analyze which search terms are more popular. Though one does not get the absolute number of searches made on a search query, but one can get the relative search data for different queries.

I found it interesting to compare the search terms – ‘Denim’ and ‘Jeans’ for the year 2008. As expected the term ‘Jeans’ is much more popular – almost 8 times more popular ! . Thus the number of searches made worldwide for ‘Jeans’ is eight times more than that of ‘ Denim’. Also the most interesting to note here is that  Australia as a country tops the search queries for ‘Jeans’and close behind is ‘ USA’. I did’nt know that Australians were so fond of ‘ Jeans’. However, as a city, ‘New York’ and other American cities stand first in search volumes .

denim trends copy

If you click here, you will be able to see some more interesting data on these searches which lists out some of the most popular articles on ‘Denim’, ‘Jeans’ etc in the year 2008

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