Denim Streets–Paris Nov’13

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Paris is a place where one can see a fusion of fashion from , not only across the EU , but  from around the world. So , on a recent trip to Paris, it was essential  to check out  how was denim faring on the streets of Paris. The weather was reasonably cold and it was not sunny. Still  Denim and leather were one of the most recurrent theme on the streets . On the one hand , women seem to be quite happy pairing long leather boots with the jeans, and on the other , leather coated denims seemed to be quite popular. Of course, being winter time, blacks and greys were all too common to see. Blacks denims had that deep color and cast which is achieved through multiple processes of black injection , rather than only a simple black by black color . Prints were more subtle and blended.  Here is a collection of some of the images from Parisian streets .

denim streets paris collage copy

denim family!



Gap had , in their shop windows , some interesting coated denims which were sprayed fluoroscent at some places  while the other parts maintained the dark coated looks.

Gap ads

This is an interesting  picture (below)  of a young lady who perhaps was not convinced to wear jeans or jeggings and just does with sheer tights. But what if she had the option of having indigo tights – an advanced and a lighter version of  jeggings, which could be so light so as to be partial see through and give her an alternative to tights?  Would be quite a challenging task for most mills to even think of  such a product , isn’t it ?


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