Super Torn Jeans

Distressing on the jeans has been in vogue for quite some time and continues to be used in various degrees across a spectrum of brands. But the degree of distressing is very important for most brands and their customers.  Distressing beyond a degree becomes tearing and even such  harsh work on the jeans can be mitigated with back patches . However, if a jeans is just super torn revealing a lot of flesh inside, how many females can be bold enough to carry such jeans ?? Hardly many.. But when celebrities come out in such jeans its gala time for paparazzi and provide fodder for denim designers.

Kim Kardashian  comes out in one of such super torn jeans . Does she carry them well ? For us, its not one of the best looks on distressed jeans that we have seen.

kim kardashian torn jeans

kim kardashian super torn jeans

She also puts up milder versions of distressing , which seem much more fashionable than the super torn jeans above.

kim kardashian torn jeans1

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